Wednesday, August 13, 2008



I guess since this is the first post, I should clarify what this blog is all about. IMFO (In My Fucking Opinion) came to be during a discussion about Internet Forum short hand, acronyms or whatever the hell you want to call them. Myself and Mr. White (I'll explain the name significance in a moment) frequent forums of varies types and would always get annoyed about all the acronyms, especially ones like "New screen shots from FFWFKDHGK" or "DB to play GKD in DKN." I think you get the idea. Anyway, being the cynical negative bastards (myself anyway) we are , we thought we'd start a blog featuring our commentary on things, whether it be movies, books, games, or just every day stupid shit.

So why Mr. Black and Mr. White? Well we've known each other for awhile and I'm generally considered the negative one, the one who always finds something to bitch or complain about. And Mr. White is usually the positive one. Here's a generic example for you:

Mr. Black: "Man that movie was complete ass."
Mr. White: "I was thoroughly entertained."
Mr. Black: "That's because you have no taste and think movies are only a form of entertainment and can contribute nothing to the arts."

Now this conversation never happened, and Mr. White has good taste....most of the time anyway. But that should give you an idea of what this whole thing is about.

So in a nutshell, these blogs will be kind of a conversational commentary on whatever topic comes to mind. Oh and please comment, we can take it.



Way to make me sound a like a little bitch, Mr. Black. You forgot to mention, I'm the lazy one around here. Even as we speak, Tim's Happy-Putt- Mortuary and golf is awaiting proofs for new banners which will have to wait until I'm finished with this entry.

So yeah this is where you can come to get the latest on whatever or whoever blah blah blah.

Is that good enough for you Mr. Black? Or would your negative ass like to proof read this first?


Shawn said...

IMFO you should bring the funny.

Shawn said...

This blog is l337 imo; at first I was like "meh" but now I hehe every time I think about it.

Except Mr. Black needs to stop the QQ.