Thursday, August 14, 2008


According to an LA Times Entertainment article I read today (source) Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails recently pitched a show idea based on his 2007 release "Year Zero." Even if you aren't a fan of NIN you have to respect the lengths Reznor went to in developing the narrative and viral campaign (in conjuction with 42 Entertainment). If you aren't familiar with the details of the campain, check out the "Year Zero" wiki here.

In a nutshell "Year Zero" is a story about where the world could be if we continued on our current political, sociological, and ecological course. From anarchy, to religious and political control mechanisms, to war, "Year Zero" is not your typical album. Reznor describes it in his own words:

"So it started with me trying to write it as a piece of fiction. I was thinking, 'It could be the worst idea ever in the world but, if it doesn't work, it doesn't have to come out.' I started by writing a kind of world bible about what life would be like around 15 or 20 years from now if things continue on the same path. I spent a few weeks filling it in with the events that could lead to this kind of time and place. Then as an experiment I started writing songs about people in this place and from different points of view."

Reznor goes on to talk about how he didn't want to make a typical album which dealt with his frustrations about the current state of the world. I couldn't agree more with this. There are too many blatantly literal songs out there about our anti-Bush mindset, but bring nothing new or creative to the table.

"How could I express what I was feeling in a way that didn't sound like bitching about George Bush? I mean, you know, I love Neil Young but I didn't want to listen to that record, really," he said, referring to the singer-songwriter's "Living with War." "My reaction to that kind of record is, 'We know this. It's obvious.'"

Hopefully this thing sees the light of day. I just may have to subscribe to HBO if it does.

NIN also recently released a completely free album called "The Slip." Go check it out on their site at

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