Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Mr. White
Well its' Wednesday again, a day that holds great significance for Mr. Black and I. Wednesday is the day of the double ox combo with cheese and no onions. I'm talking about the Golden Ox.

Excuse me as I pause in silent reverence to reflect on the goodness of the Ox........

Ok, that's good.

There's so much to say about this wonderful place that it's honestly hard to know where I should start...

Imagine a place when you walk through the door you're greeted by a short Ukrainian woman (I'm actually not sure on the details of her ethnicity but Ukrainian sounds good)


Mr. Black

...and receive your food in about the time that it takes you to walk the three feet to the pickup counter after getting your receipt, IF you need one, because the Ox Lady--the Ukranian(?) woman Mr. White referred to earlier in his post--will ask. We're not being derogatory when we refer to her as the Ox Lady, it's just that we have no idea what her name is and we've probably been eating there regularly for at least two years; although much less since I've left town.

She has no name tag and usually rolls into view as we approach the register. I guess she must see us through that one way mirror just to the left of the counter...who knows, she is but a mystery. But one thing is for sure, she knows how to make a fucking good burger.

Another thing about The Golden Ox is it's decor. There is no sort of theme, which I pointed out to Mr. White last month when we were there. You have this outdated wallpaper with framed mini posters of bad artwork and baskets hanging from every wall filled with dusty plastic flowers. One poster that I usually stare at over Mr. White's head that comes to mind is a painting with fireworks and I think some kind of boat or float with "New Orleans" filling the sky. You will not find any sort of gumbo in this place, but it doesn't matter because once you bite into a double ox combo with cheese and no onions you'll soon forget any artistic dilemma you had.

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