Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Geek or Not

I've been planning on making a post about this topic for a little while now: what makes a geek? I believe it is just someone who is overly obsessed with something, whether it be Star Wars or the Oakland Raiders. Think of it this way. You've probably all gone to the theater for a huge premier or at least seen this on the news: people who have camped out for hours or days to see the next installment of their nerdy wet dream. They're usually dressed up as their favorite hero or villain and parading around demonstrating faux jedi moves or getting in some extra D&D sessions while waiting to be let into the theater. I've been to plenty midnight showings for films like these, and consider myself a geek, but haven't dressed up. However, I do not see this any different than waiting days or hours in the parking lot of some football stadium having a barbecue dressed up like your favorite sports hero before some big game. Apparently society deems it COOL as long as it has to do with sports. Hey at least the theater geeks don't get half naked and paint their fat asses....well, I guess that's not entirely true.

I won't go into detail because while on Youtube this morning I stumbled upon this video which explains the situation perfectly. It's a sketch comedy series called "Man in the Box" and is well worth the subscription as they have a lot of other great videos, so check them out. Here you go:

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