Thursday, September 11, 2008

Geniuses At Work (litterally at work)

Some of you may be wondering, "how do these guys think up such amazing things to talk about"?

Well here's an excerpt from an earlier conversation between Mr. Black and I through G-mail chat.

Mr. WHITE: new highfalutin ramen
click on choice ramen
thats what i buy now
Mr BLACK: fuck ramen, nasty
Mr. WHITE: taste sooooo much better
well its kinda a throw away meal thats for making something quick
doesnt taste like shit now
Mr BLACK: did they fix the sodium problem?
it has like 3 days worth of sodium in one serving
Mr. WHITE: i was thinking about saying something about it and how everyone seems to be redirecting their products towards "health conscious foods"
click on choice and read it
Mr BLACK: haha 25% they're done to two days of your daily allowance of sodium
i guess it's better than nothing
i'm not really a soup or noodle kind of guy though
i need fucking substance
Mr. WHITE: well my biggest thing is it actually taste good
Mr BLACK: if i don't get protein i die
every time i smell ramen i think of mark's house
they eat it here all the time
Mr. WHITE: oh yeah an it doesnt smell like a wet dog anymore
Mr BLACK: i never thought it smelled bad, just like hot wet asians hahaha
Mr. WHITE: same thing
Mr BLACK: yeah true
so have you joined the gym yet?

And there you have it. Geniuses at work.

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