Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slang That Blows Vol. 1: Hot and Sexy

First off you have the wrong idea, so keep reading. I'm not talking about the TRUE uses of Hot and Sexy when referring to beautiful women (or men if that's your taste), or temperature in the case of "hot." What I am referring to is their incorrect or as I like to call "fucking stupid" uses.

As you may or may not know by now, I work at a design agency. The Creative Director is always waddling his trendy ass out of his office spouting these adjectives like it refers to anything. Usually in this case, design. But he's a stupid piece of foreign fuck who attaches himself to anything that is trendy. I'm sure he idolizes Paris Hilton and decided that he would use the word "hot" as she does. Every piece of music that comes wailing out of his office door has been a #1 single at one point or another, I'm telling you, this guy is a fucking robot. But I digress.

So when he tells a designer to make a comp sexy or hot, I really have no idea where he is coming from because there is no frame of reference. If we were walking down a street and he pointed out a woman and told me that he thought she was sexy or hot, I could immediately disagree or agree with him for obvious reasons. But those words used under any other terms are too ambiguous.

First of all, I've seen his wife. And if that's what he considers sexy or hot, why should I trust his judgment in direction? Any time he says a design is hot or sexy should I envision a disgusting fat bitch?

In spite of the fact of them being ambiguous terms, they don't provide any valuable criticism. Saying something like "there isn't enough negative space here, and the logo is too overpowering for the layout" is much more valuable in terms of making something better, and if not better at least making it to what he wants it to be.

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