Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stephen King's "N." Miniseries

In preparation for his new collection of short stories, "Just After Sunset", Stephen King partnered up with his publishers and Marvel Comics to release an animated comic of sorts based on one of the short stories in the aforementioned collection, called "N." It plays off the idea of the possibility of someone contracting a mental disorder from another person; like the common cold for instance. Full of Lovecraftian overtones and classic King dialog, the miniseries is twenty five episodes long, but each installment is rarely over two minutes which makes it great for those of you that don't feel like trudging through hours of video.

This is the second "animated comic" I've seen, the first being the Watchmen which can be downloaded on itunes, and I really hope more companies follow suit with their own properties because it is a fairly interesting medium. I've attached the video player below, but if you want to check it out at a slightly larger resolution, click here.

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