Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mr White Returns

So I know you’re all wondering what prompted such a long absence so I’m back to set the record straight.

It seems my deer friend Mr. Black has been suffering in silence from envy. Allow me to explain. I received an e-mail from him about a month ago expressing his doubt about his importance with IMFO. Here follows that e-mail.

Dear Mr. White

I’ve been living in your creative shadow for years it seems. Your avant-garde writing and genius intimidates…no, haunts me! It’s all I can do to match your clever wit and yet I fail. I know this seems pitiful but I think it would help me if you didn’t post for a few weeks so that maybe my work can be noticed more. Perhaps during this time I will somehow draw inspiration and learn to express myself as masterfully as you.

PS- Thanks again for letting me publish your thoughts about atheism under my name. Hopefully nobody noticed.

It truly pains me to expose you like this Mr. Black but the truth must be told. And don't try to cover up this conspiracy by pretending that this e-mail doesn’t exist or that I’m just lazy and don’t want people to know I was too busy playing battle grounds on World of Warcraft with Mr. Blue. It won’t work.

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