Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Lawn Has an Opinion

I'm not sure what it's like in your area, but around here it's battle of the lawn signs. As the election looms closer and closer people are in a a constant battle to outdo their neighbors in showing their opinion by busting out the cardboard lawn signs.

Every day when I drive to work I see more and more people jumping on the lawn sign bandwagon, the funny thing is though, it's definitely based on reaction. A month or so a go, some guy in my neighborhood had a "Vote no on Prop 8" sign in his lawn accompanied by the "you can see it from space" banner edition of "Obama - Biden." That overkill of environmentally unfriendly plastic has been taken down recently...kind of ironic. So in the following weeks I saw a few more "no on prop 8" signs popping up in the neighborhood. The city I'm in is fairly liberal so this isn't an odd thing. But more recently I've seen the Christians coming out of the woodwork with their "Yes on Prop 8" signs which are now dwarfing the "No" sign populace. I can just see old man Christian huffing and puffing when he goes on his 5am walk seeing his neighborhood adorned with pro-homosexual advertising. I wonder if he'd even put a sign in his lawn if there were no signs opposing his view in his neighborhood. I doubt it.

I doubt I'd ever put any sort of political sign on my lawn, thats just asking for trouble. You see, when you have a bumper sticker or t-shirt and people see you out in public, at least they don't know where you fucking live. Now when you put a giant cardboard sign saying "I'm an ignorant fuck" in bright yellow, that could cause some problems. But lucky for them, the gay populace isn't violent. I could just imagine what kind of flak people would get if they put a "No on Prop 8" sign in their lawn back in my home town. Mr. White would be the one to ask as seeing he still lives there, but as you can see, the only content he likes to post is fake content. I think you're beginning to see how lazy he is. The guy goes to the trouble of creating a fake post, then follows up his "Mr. White is Back" campaign with yet another week of complete silence. This is the essence of Mr. White.

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