Thursday, November 6, 2008

Combo Breaker

History has been made: blacks can't legitimately complain about "the man" anymore, and gays are the new blacks.  This year's election was almost a complete win in my book.  I don't personally classify myself as fitting into any sort of political party, but I'd have to say most of my stances are in the liberal spectrum.  It's really an interesting time to be living in.  The first black (well half-black) president has come.  

Unfortunately, as far as we've come as a country, we are repeating history.  Surprise surprise right?  Miscegenation laws existed in this country at one time, banning the marriage of two people of different ethnicities.  Today we think thats pretty intolerant right?  Well the same thing happened November 4th with homosexuals.  I really don't understand any sort of logic to the argument.  If it's your religious belief thats fine, but guess what, that shouldn't be imposed on the rights of other people.  Infact government should have nothing to do with marriage, it's really odd if you think about it.  The main campaign of Yes of Prop 8 was to "preserve family" as if gay people can't already adopt children.  I think in all but a few states it is completely legal for a gay person to adopt a child, so that argument falls flat.  

It all comes down to religion, there is simply no other argument that can back up the banning of gay marriage.  This is why I can't stand religion.  Everyone always tells me I'm negative or intolerant of other people's beliefs when I rant about religion, but this is exactly why it pisses me off.  Most people say that religion is harmless, it gives people hope, and on and on, and the only dangerous religious people are the fundamentalists, but this election proves otherwise.  You see, the moderates are probably the most dangerous of all.  Why?  Because they dictate politics in this country.  Make believe "faith-based" bullshit is sending our troops to war, banning scientific research that could potentially save lives, and denying people of basic rights.  Religious moderates only hinder the growth of humanity with their first century fairy tales.  While most of the rest of the world is moving on and leaving behind mythological doctrines, we, arguabely the most powerful nation in the world are trying to pass laws about who can marry who.

I won't turn this into anymore of a religous rant, so I'll move on.  I think with Obama becoming president I'm more curious than excited to see what he brings to the table.  I know plenty of what he said he was going to do, but that's just something you can't hold politicians to because they are playing the popularity game at that time.  I think the guy is smart and he seems to have a fairly modern way of thinking about him, despite the fact that he is religious, but I think he is smart enough to know that he keeps that stuff at home and not to work.  Infact, I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't as religious as he claims to be, because we all know stating something like that would be political suicide.  It'll definitely be a nice change from the cowboy bullshit that has been going on for nearly a decade.  Having Bush as president for so long has really made our country look like a joke.  The guy can't even fucking say NUCLEAR.  You'd think someone who holds the highest office in the country could at least learn some fucking words.  

We all know that it will be quite some time before we really notice any sort of actual change.  It is a fact that the government is slow as fuck, but I think this election has really lit a fire under people's asses and made them proud to be American again.  And I think we've also gained a little respect from the rest of the world by proving we're not all gun-toting jesus freaks.  

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