Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keep Your Ten Dollars And Get Netflix

Mr. White
I remember a time when going to the movies was still an exciting experience. The summer block buster signaled the end of school and you couldn't wait to see an Arnold Schwarzenegger film with your friends. This was back when you didn't know anything about a movie before you sat down to watch it. The previews were even more exciting because it was your first gimps at what was to come. There weren't any cool movie sites like Chud or Aint it cool to keep you informed of the goings on in the cinema world. Everything was a big secret. This was a time before big screen tvs were common place in the home and DVD hadn't quite made its mark. But times are different now and the movie industry is not what it used to be. For me the thrill of going to a theater is all but dead. And it's not because I know more about the movies than I did before, in fact I think that's helped. Quite honestly I feel that Hollywood has simply forgotten how to make great movies. The summer blockbusters aren't really blockbusters anymore. Instead of really great story driven movies we get shit like "Vampires Suck" or "The tooth fairy" which seem to be more about numbers then actual story telling. And sadly there seems to be a huge market for the shit. And then there's the atmosphere thats been ruined. People don't go to movies to watch movies anymore. They go to hang out with their buddies and text on their phones and scream at inappropriate parts to get attention. People bring their babies with them as though it were a nursery. I don't know about you but that is not fun for me.

But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud of mine and it's called Netflix. Netflix has made the movie experience good again. Now I can watch hundreds of movies in the comfort of my own home without the whining babies and texting teens. I don't have to worry about the crowds and ticket prices or lack of good movies on the screen. Not only has Netflix renewed my passion for film but it has greatly broadened my movie horizon. I have been exposed to more films of different genres than I would have ever dreamed possible. I can't count the number of times I've written to Mr.Black, encouraging him to watch a movie i'd discovered and vice-versa. It's like I've found a lost treasure every time I come across a movie like Le Mustache or Ben X. I don't have to commit to a $10.00 movie that I might not even like surrounded by people I'd rather not be around. It's really opened my eyes to a whole new world I didn't know existed.


Mr. Black
Speaking of theaters, I saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World a couple of weeks ago, and while I enjoyed the movie it reminded me of why I don't miss going to the theaters anymore; and I'm not referring to the annoying crowds Mr. White mentioned.

There is rarely a movie that I want to spend 10 bucks on. Since I now have a child my ability to go to the theater has significantly diminished, but has turned me on to the awesomeness that is Watch Instantly on Netflix. Now before all you dumb fucks say that there is nothing good on Netflix, you might as well stop reading here because you're the filth of society that only watches new releases. You're also probably the the same kind of person that won't watch a movie unless you know who's in it. So get the fuck out and let me continue.

Let's just say if it wasn't for Watch Instant on Netflix I would have missed out on a ton of great movies that I probably would have never seen otherwise. Films like Deadgirl, The Return, Primer, Let the Right One In, Mary and Max are just a few I've seen through that service. If you haven't seen any of those I highly recommend checking them out.

I'll stop here, but we'll be starting a recurring piece posting some of our Watch Instant favorites and hopefully allow some of these great hidden films to be experienced.

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