Friday, August 27, 2010

Smart People Are Dumb Too

Mr. White
I've recently gone back through all our posts and I've come to the shocking conclusion that Mr. Black and I are really negative... While this trend is not going to change I would like to say that neither myself nor Mr. Black feel in any way superior to others. We may take the occasional cock shot but it's all in good fun and hey, we're better than you.... ok ok I guess we do feel superior. But let it never be said that we don't have a good sense of humor. With that said I would like to introduce this new segment called "Smart people are dumb too".

In this segment I or the cranky bitch, Mr. Black will be sharing real life stories of the various dumb things we've done in our lives. Although it may very well be just me doing the talking...

Recently my wife and I were having a discussion about leaving home and moving someplace new. This is a topic that has always frustrated me because every time we make progress it seems something happens within her family and plans come to a halt. Like most parents, Mrs. White's mother has a kung foo grip on her mind. Just when it seems like our bags are packed the guilt sets in and it's another year in hell.

Mr. Squid had once told me "she will never leave her mom" to which I disagreed. But sadly it seems like he was right. After another disappointing conversation that ended in tears (Mrs. Whites, not mine) I became very angry. I flipped open my phone and typed the follow text to Mr. Squid:

"Man you were right, she's never going to leave her mom. I fucking hate her mom".

I then proceeded to hit send to my friend Mr. Squid.

When the reply came back I nearly shit myself as I had sent it to Mrs. White's mom. The two numbers were too close together and I was too pissed to notice my mistake until it was too late. Needless to say drama ensued and for quite some time adding yet another chapter to my freak show of a life.

Well there you have it, smart people are dumb too. Oh and I've since taken my mother in law's number off my phone.

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