Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Chameleon of Hollywood: Gary Oldman

Mr. Black
Despite the uncanny ability for him to have some sort of facial hair (usually a 'stache) in nearly every film he's been in, you may not know this man. Even though he is one of the greatest actors of modern cinema, you still may not know him.

I am in awe of Gary Oldman. I'm always curious to see him in a role just to see how different he's going to be. He's not typcast, meaning he doesn't play himself or the same character over and over again. He brings something to film that few actors can: character.

He's been the villain, the good guy, the underdog, and the mentor, just to name a *begin flowery shit* few colors of his acting spectrum *end flowery shit*. He's really a dying breed, even compared to method actors like Christian Bale, he still trumps their ability to step into the skin of another person. This to me, is what acting is all about. Unfortunately, the celebrity of Hollywood has changed the role of what makes an actor desirable. It's not always their talent, but what their "brand" can offer.

If anyone deserves an Academy Award it is this guy. And yet, amazingly enough, he hasn't even been nominated. So do yourself a favor and check out some of his movies. You'll probably be surprised to find you've seen him before many times, but have never known it.

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