Sunday, September 26, 2010

Exposure: Arunas Zilys

Mr. White
When it comes to art I have pretty simple tastes. I don't care to get all philosophical about a piece and try to dissect it an attempt to figure out some deeper meaning. I just like the simple things. Use of color, use of negative space, and style.

"It's not an intellectual thing, art, it's an emotional thing. That's how art connects with people, it's its own language that speaks to the heart rather than the mind"
-Drew Struzan

Like a moth to a flame, I'm a sucker for simplicity.

That's probably why I love Arunas Zilys's paintings. They are simple yet elegant in a style I have never before seen.

Arunas Zilys is a Lithuanian painter in the style known as Mythic Surrealism. Yeah I know what you must be thinking "Mythic Surrealsim"? that sounds a bit made up. So I actually just called Artifacts Gallery who claims to be Arunas Zylis's publisher and judging from the huge void of information I garnered I'm led to believe the same thing.

I don't understand how someone of Arunas's talent could fly under the radar for so long. I mean where else could you find quirky long-faced-weirdos with hair that can rival Pipi Long Stocking on her best day? And aside from a David Lynch movie I challenge you to find one example of a man with a bush-like fro that you would want to hang on your wall such as Gatekeeper shown bellow.

I think it's a testament to Arunas's immense talent that he's able to depict such pleasingly strange themes and characters in an incredibly rich landscape of emotion that people will pay $995.00 to have in their home.

His use of color is amazingly vibrant in all the right places, stylistically lush and wonderfully odd in a very otherworldly sense.

I just wish more was known about this stoic little Lithuanian. He's said to be somewhat private so I guess the lack of information is due in part to his own wishes.

There isn't a whole lot more I can say about these paintings as I have the same emotional capacity to express myself as a five year old. Pretty colors, funny people, Bird!

I guess you really don't need someone like me to tell you why these paintings are so great (there I go again). All you have to do is look and let them speak for themselves.

So if you're ever in Cambria and want to see some of his work then I would suggest checking out Artifacts Gallery. Or do the easy thing and go to their website.

You might just find yourself staring in awe at the strange world of Arunas Silys.

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