Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Netflix Movie Spelunker: The House of the Devil

Mr. Black
Today I bring you a little gem called The House of the Devil. Before I got any further, those of you who do not enjoy 80's horror, leave now, this is not for you.

Now, to the movie. The House of the Devil is a movie created in the spirit of old great 80's horror flicks. Something that is forever gone to cinema. Not because of the era, but because unfortunately people don't enjoy a good pulpy horror film anymore. Today we are treated the crap-filled "horror" films that only provide any sort of scare by their sharp sound effects.

Ti West, who wrote, directed and edited this movie did something I haven't seen before in film: completely recreating a film from another decade to the fucking T. From the title treatments to the color-correction, to the cinematography, to the set design it is a near-perfect recreation of an 80's horror film. From the moment of the opening credits hit you're whisked back to the early 80's and never feel like you're watching a movie created in 2009.

The Rundown
College girl needs money for apartment. College accepts a weird man's request to "babysit" his old mother in a spooky old house. Lunar eclipse. Satanic shit happens.

Why You Should Watch It
As I mentioned before if you aren't a horror movie fan you won't like this, but if you are you're in for a rare treat. By the end of the film you'll be grinning ear to ear in nostalgia. Not to say this film is only good for the sake of nostalgia. While this movie probably wouldn't be a classic if it was actually created in the 80's, it's still a really fun time and reminds me of what's missing in today's horror. The story unfolds at a very deliberate pace and tries to create a sense of atmosphere rather than punching your brain with tits and loud sounds like most of today's horror entries.

So go watch it, and don't forget to turn off the lights.

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