Friday, September 10, 2010

Netflix Movie Spelunker: Peter and Vandy

Mr. Black
Man, do I wish more romantic comedies were like Peter and Vandy. Something that focuses on the day to day shit that couples go through; the real stuff. Most romantic comedies are more like cartoons, hell they should just animate them from now on.

The Rundown
So the film is basically about the whole guy meets girl thing, from the initial excitement of a new relationship to the petty arguments (The PB and J scene is the best) that ensue. The most interesting part about the entire film however, is the editing. It's a very nonlinear film, you'll see scenes in the beginning that take place at the end and vice versa. I never found this style confusing or that it hindered character development or plot. The writing is great and both Jason Ritter (you're a regular little Jack Tripper) and Jess Weixler (minus the teeth-filled vagina) put on a great performance.

Why You Should Watch It
As stated before, the acting, directing, and editing is great. It's a different kind of love story that stands far apart from any I've seen in awhile and one that anyone should see. If you don't enjoy this one you're retarded, fact.

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