Monday, September 6, 2010

Scientiology, You Poor Bastard

Mr. Black

Yes, I do feel sorry for Scientology. Not because I support it or believe it's any less crazy than the other religions out there, but because when it's mentioned in any capacity, it's generally scoffed at and made fun of. Why is this? It's it because it's a celebrity religion? Is it because it's new? Is it because the belief system seems illogical?

The funny thing is, any religion is laughable. I don't care what it is, any sort of belief system that is based off of "some dude made shit up" is a complete joke. How is the idea that some magical man in the sky creating life and the universe any more credible than earth being settled by a bunch of aliens from a distant galaxy? Is it because there is some 2,000 year old book out there that says all this happened make it more credible? I don't know about you, but people in ancient times were way more uneducated--and way more superstitious for that matter--than we are today, so why would you believe something one of them said?

Is L. Ron Hubbard any more of a nutjob than the people who "wrote" the bible? Of course not. And anyone who thinks so is a complete idiot. Honestly, the older something is the less credibility I give it, and I find it funny how people tend to do the opposite.

But Mr. Black, why is Christianity so big if it's untrue? The same reason the Black Eyed Peas are world famous.


And let's not forget everyone's favorite fat ugly chick of religion: Mormonism. I feel sorry for those guys too. They're just as insane as everyone else, yet they are constantly belittled and made fun of.

Just remember that your delusional belief system isn't any more logical than any one else's.

Mr. White
Religion, to me, seems more about "who was here first". In our case the Bible came first so it won the race. Anything after is just dismissed completely without any real consideration. This seems a bit odd because the longer the religion, the more likely the message as been altered or lost altogether.

The bottom line is, if I was born a Muslim I would believe in Allah. If Scientology was created before the bible we'd all be Scientologists.

Mr. Black
What you said is mostly true Mr. White, but there are far older religions than Christianity that have been dismissed. I've always believed the reason why Christianity is so abundant is due to the western world (Romans and British) adopting it. Early Roman rule and later British influenced have shaped the world to what it is today, bringing with it their religion. But this is for another post.

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