Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why Aren't You Out Killing Someone?

Mr. White
Why is it that Christians think they have a monopoly on morality? Is it really so hard to believe that people are capable of making moral decisions without the aid of some higher power are ancient texts? To be honest i'm a little insulted.

What bugs me most about religion is how bullet proof it is. Allow me to explain. Remember when you were a kid and you used to play fight with your friends? You know how there was always that one kid who no matter what you did to him he always had a forcefield or some other preventative device that made him impervious to destruction? Well religion is that kid. There's always some lame bullet proof excuse offered up that some how "explains" shit. Still not following me? Ok let me give you an example.

One night while Mr. Black and I were having what we've come to call our "Midnight Pilgrimage" (a religious discussion with one of our Christian friends in the late ass hours of the night) we broached the topic of morality. I asked my friend (whom I have the utmost respect for) "what about kids in 3rd world countries who have never heard of god, are they without morality"?

His answer was that when we are born, God is imprinted on our hearts and thus infusing us with the understanding of right vs wrong.

See what I mean? Bullet proof.

It kinda makes it hard to have intelligent conversation with people when you get made up answers like that. I mean shit I can do that all day if I wanted to. I could just tell you I have a monster in my pocket and that he's going to eat you if you don't do what I want. And if you try to look in my pocket. he'll just disappear into another dimension.

I can only imagine what some Christians might think if there was really no God. The world would be a hostile place where bad things can happen to good people. War would devastate entire countries for centuries. People would take advantage of you for their own nefarious purposes. Oh wait, that shit does happen.

Mr. Black
Oh Mr. White, how you bait me like a fat fish. Religion, my favorite. I'll keep it relatively brief however.

I actually work with a guy who told me that if there were no god he would probably kill people. His reasoning, obviously, is if there is no afterlife punishment for all eternity who cares if I take a human life? Hmmm.

It's actually a little frightening to think that there are people out there that are like that. I doubt he's as serious as he says he is, but who knows.

Unfortunately, Christians by nature are illogical. Not in all aspects of life, but the fact that they have complete faith in something that is improvable by its very nature is illogical in itself. So you really have to throw logic out the window when it comes to any sort of supernatural of spiritual discussion because "logic" or laws created by man do not apply.

I do enjoy discussing religion, but not to be convinced of it's truth, but I'm fascinated in why people believe certain things. I like to throw logic in their direction as it pertains to their faith and see how far it can go before the argument becomes moot. It usually gets to the point where we both agree that since the idea of god exists outside the realm of the natural world, therefore it cannot be proven by science.

So I guess we'll find out when we're dead.

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