Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why Do You Keep Trying To Make A Comeback, Bush?

Mr. White
No, a rat didn't fall asleep on Demi Moore's crotch (although I wouldn't fault one for trying) that's just her pussy coat. I guess it comes in handy on those cold nights when her lips are chattering from a chill.

I know this was taken back when cunt warmers were still in fashion but surprisingly enough women still sport them.

I mean I guess you could make it draw like a curtain to add an element of drama or surprise but at some point the main cast needs to take center stage.

But what it really comes down to is this, I don't want to fuck something that looks like a vertical mustache. And no, runways aren't cool either.

I mean when you think about it, what is pubic hair really? I'll tell you what it is, it's a vaginal net and it's not for catching cod (although it smells the same). Sounds appetizing doesn't it.

So please, do me a favor and ditch the snatch rag. If I want a cock-tickle, I'll fuck a Popple.


Mr. Black
Mr. White, with all of your colorful descriptions why did you go with "snatch rag" instead of "snatch patch?" I'd have to say that one's a winner. And I think you got your Popple's mixed up, I'm pretty sure you meant this Popple. You know, the Catholic acoustic guitar duo both sporting beards. I'm sure that'll tickle your cock.

Anyway, back on topic: bush. So what's the deal anyway? Was this thing ever popular? When did a man ever want to fuck a beard? Was it a fun game of hide and seek? You know you're in when it gets warm. Why not take the guess work out of it, just see the damn opening and at the same time not risk getting your shaft raked. And why in the hell are pubes so damn coarse? I guess it would at least be better if they were silky smooth, then bush would be a little more manageable, but then again it would still act as a vaginal net. And that's not good for either party.

And I love how women always say "why do you want it shaved, do you have a little girl fantasy or something?" No, not at all, but it seems you want us to have some sort of crotch-fro fantasy. And I could throw the same logic back to you when you want us guys to shave our chests or other body parts. What's the difference?

Man that picture of Demi Moore. It's almost as if she has a tail that has curled between her legs out of fright and wrapped up around her to tickle her belly button. But the real question is: "how far does it go back?" Does it end at her asshole or just keep creeping up her spinal column like a fuzzy caterpillar-like host? I guess only Bruce or Ashton could answer that one. Can she control it or does it have a mind of it's own? The questions are endless.

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