Sunday, September 12, 2010

WTFF: The Deep V

Mr. Black
This rant does not apply to gay dudes.

So tell me guys what persuaded you to show us your hairy cleavage? Do you think chicks dig this? Women, do you really like this? Does that guy over there scream "manly" to you? Is it some sort of preview window to find out if you like a guy's chest hair pattern or not?

This wtff (what the fuck fashion) seemed to creep into existence like many of them do and before you know it you're surrounded by guys who look like their being birthed out of a large cotton vagina.

Okay okay, regular v-necks. No problem there. They were put into style by old guys, particularly with undershirts. Then somewhere somehow someone said, "let's w
ear this shit on the outside." And still I was fine. No big deal. Then BAM!

There you go, pictured to the left. Does that look familiar at all guys? That is a women's dress. What does it have in common with Mr. fashionable homless waif guy up top? I'll give you a minute. No, not the pattern. No, not the color.

When did men and women's fashion merge? When did something that was design to accentuate women's breasts cross over to the hairy side? Is the lower half next? Will dresses be in fashion next year? Time will only tell.

So unless you're sucking cock in the stall of a club and are only wearing this thing to prevent man-spunk from ruining whatever overpriced t-shirt you had been wearing, don't do it guys.

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