Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chalk It Up To Taste?

Mr White.
Now the world don't move to the beat of just on drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some.
You might think that Mr. Black and I always agree on things but you couldn't be further from the truth. And while I consider Mr. Black to be one of the smartest people I know It shocks me when I hear he likes shit like louise over great sitcoms like Running Wilde. Don't believe me? Here is a recent chat.

Mr. Black: I'm going to write one about how running wilde sucks
Second episode is not funny either
Mr. White: Don't take this the wrong way but you are an idiot
Mr. Black: Don't worry I can say the same for you
Mr. White: Nope
Mr. Black: Oh yes
And this little girl is ugly as shit
Mr. White: You are two for two now
Mr. Black:Makes the show even worse
Mr. White: you like the shitty louise and don't like running wild
Mr. Black: You like shitty running wilde and don't like the good louie
Mr. White: Your logic is worse than a christian
Mr. Black: I didn't even crack a smile on this new episode
Mr. White: You are a robot if you don't find out funny
Mr Black: I don't see how you could fuck this up
Mr. White: Watching now and laughing
Mr. Black: At what?
The ugly boy named puddle?
Mr. White: The great writing
Mr. Black: You're definitely not watching it
Mr. White: They are in the back of the suv
Mr. Black: So not funny
There is nothing clever about this show
Not smart at all
Mr. White: That's because watching Louise has made you stupid
so it's difficult to understand smart writing.

Now that I have the theme from Different Strokes in my head I leave you with this as I do the robot out of here.


Mrs.Black said...

Opinion? Nah, I think it's pretty much a fact that Running Wilde isn't even in the same class as Louie. No offense Mr. White, but I have to keep wondering if you have actually watched these two shows. Because my mind just won't except that you think Running Wilde is funny and Louie (one of the funniest shows on TV) is not. Maybe there is another show called Running Wilde that you are laughing at, and I want to see that, cause the one we are watching is a big fat cricket fest. Again... no offense. Smiley face.

mr. black and mr. white said...

Wait wait wait, Mrs. Black, you're telling me you like something your husband likes too??? Big shock. Louise is flat out mind-numbly stupid but coming from someone who likes Curb Your Enthusiasm I'm not surprised by statements like these.