Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kids Draw The Darnedest Things

Mr. White
It seems my three year old son has taken quite an interest in art. I'm amazed at how detailed his little people are whenever he puts crayon to paper. But I think his most recent piece deserves the most attention. Behold, his mighty fish. Yes that's right, I said fish you freaking perverts.

There's something strange in feeling a sense of pride in something so incredibly falic. And yet my son's little fish... elicits the biggest smile every time I look at it. God this just sounds more and more wrong with each word I type...

I can't wait to see what other animals he draws as i'm going to save them to show his wife someday and embarrass the shit out of him.

Family members should expect a very special holiday greeting from the Christmas fish this year.

Mr. Black
Nah, too easy.

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iversarah said...

I'm so happy that he's my nephew!