Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nanowrimo: Rude Awakening

Mr. White
Well I thought that since I'm doing the who novel writing thing I would share some of my thoughts how it's going.

First off let me just say that this whole experience has obliterated any preconceived ideas I had about writing a book. I'm really good when It comes to developing ideas and believe me I have a vault of them to keep me going for years. But good ideas don't cut it, they don't fill in all the necessary details that get you from point A to point B. There's so much more to writing a novel then just coming up with interesting plots that I didn't even think about until I took this project on.

Character development is crucial for telling a good story. If you don't care about the characters then you don't have anything worth reading. This sounds like common sense but for some reason I didn't get that before. I always figured the key was finding a good story. Now I'm not saying that the plot doesn't matter but when weighed against everything else its almost an after thought.

Not only did I not focus enough on building an interesting main character but I failed to see other pieces of the puzzle that would move the story along. Things like motivation, pacing, and so on. It's one thing to come up with something and write a few pages about it but to actually stretch that idea out to fit an entire fifty thousand word novel is a monumental task to say the least.

Now I know the whole point about this project is to not over-think it. And that's another thing, holding back the criticism is for me one of the most challenging things to accomplish. Exercising restraint feels strange to me because I'm such a perfectionist that everything I do had to be just right. You almost have to not care about whether or not your story end up being crap. I guess at the end of the day it's all about the experience and what you take with you. I'm only on week two and have a long way to go but I'm hoping when it's all said and done I can at least walk away knowing I gave it my best shot.

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