Thursday, October 14, 2010

Netflix Movie Spelunker: Isolation

Mr. Black
As you know I am a fan of horror, and because the modern version of it is generally lacking in quality, I'm always extremely happy when I find a good one. The film I bring you now is Isolation.

The Rundown
The genetic experimentation of cows on a small Irish farm. GONE WRONG! Yeah, yeah, sounds like an 80's b-movie reminiscent of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes right? Well it couldn't be further from the truth. Despite the weak and cliche premise, this movie is good. No giant cg monster, no explosions or even cheesy one-liners.

We follow the story of a lone Irish cow farmer who agrees to take some cash in exchange for some scientist to do genetic experiments on one of his cows to try and speed up their grown and increase fertility. And as you guessed it, mother nature strikes back. The remainder of the story takes place on a small isolated farm with a cast of only about five. Heavy Irish rain, soggy earth, and blood ensue.

Is It Worth Watching?
Most definitely yes. If you're a horror fan like myself I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy it. Now don't get me wrong this isn't the greatest film nor is it going to be a classic, but everything it does, it does right and particularly well. As I mentioned there is no cg monster. And no the monster isn't a giant cow with sharp teeth. The execution of the creature(s), is done really well and not what one would expect from a monster movie. No wings or giant claws, or even tentacles for that matter. The shots you see of it are quick, sometimes out of focus, and close so it helps the believability. While watching it I felt a twinge of The Thing, which in my book is nothing but a good thing.

The isolated location and murky weather also immensely help the mood. My favorite kind of horror movies are on isolated locations with a small cast. That's what makes horror work for me most of the time, and it works here.

Don't let the synopsis fool you, this is a good one, I promise.

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