Monday, October 11, 2010

Netflix Movie Spelunker: The Return

Mr. Black
Another great watch instant film I saw recently is The Return. I'll start of by letting you know this is a foreign film, meaning you have to read it unless you speak Russian. So if that's a deal-breaker for you, then please, move on.

The Rundown
The father of two boys has been missing for 12 years, and unannounced he shows up at their home. The boys have no memory of him, so even the idea that he is their father is in question. He decides to take them on a fishing trip in the Russian countryside. Along the way we learn little pieces of the mysterious father, but with no real clear explanation. Throughout the piece, the father is mostly cold and any sort of bonding is through events of tough love.

Is It Worth Watching?
For me it's a five star film, easy. It is filled with mystery and dark themes which I'm a sucker for. Even after the film is over, you're still left guessing who the father was and what happened to him over the last 12 years. The cinematography here is great and showcases many of the beautiful landscapes that never see the light of day in a film set in Russia. If I could describe this move in one word it would be "haunting." Even today I find the film entering my brain for reanalysis. As for the resolution of the film, you can find many theories in the Netflix comments section or other places on the internet, but I strongly suggest you watch the film first.

Another fact that just helps promote this movie's dark overtones is that the oldest boy in the film drown a few years after it was released and at one of the locations in the film. It's deliberately paced and filled with questions, but those are two of it's greatest qualities.

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