Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Kind Of Sick Fucks Are We

Mr. White
If you ask Mr. Black what kind of movie recommendations I ask for he might tell you something like "Dark and fucked up". Unless of course I'm in need of something to watch with the wife in which case the answer would be "Rainbows and ice cream".

Lately I just prefer the disturbing over things like comedy or even action films. Films like Downloading Nancy about a woman who hires someone to kill her. Sounds like a pretty generic synopsis but it goes a little deeper than that and you get a movie about one incredible fucked up woman. I loved it.

But why are we as humans, who's basic needs in life requires well being to thrive, so drawn to blood and guts, destruction and not-so-happy-endings? Why do we seek to scare the shit out of ourselves? What is it about seeing the suffering of others that makes for a cozy evening on the couch?

Now I know that when we watch things that depict violence it's easy to partition our minds by acknowledging the fact that it's not real. But what is that special ingredient we find so tasty that we'd rather watch two people in a sex act involving blindfolds and mouse traps? Granted these things aren't for everyone (see Mormons) but for a large number of us it's downright delightful.

Perhaps I'm just out of my field here as I've only recently become so attracted to these themes so I may be best to consult an expert. So what's your take on this Mr. Black?

Mr. Black
I've covered some of this in a previous post, but I'll delve further. First of all, not everyone likes stuff that is dark or disturbing. I doubt it's the vast majority of society. For myself, it's kind of a psychological game of how far I can take myself. I like watching movies, playing games, or reading books that evoke emotion, but a variety of ones: happiness, sadness, fear, disgust. As to why I'm drawn to the darker things? I couldn't tell you, maybe it's something that I'm born with or the fact that my dad let me watch horror films at a very young age, so it's just something I'm accustomed to. I don't know.

I would argue however, that this in no way is a vicarious experience. Hell, I don't even want to kill pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto. While that is even further removed away from reality than something like a movie, with a game I'm the direct cause of my actions, while in a film or book I'm merely an observer. Fuck, I don't even kill bugs.

As for you Mr. White, it's probably a combination of my taste rubbing off on you or some weird emotional state you're in due to some sort of situation, or maybe you're just broadening your horizons. I for one know, it doesn't make someone sick to watch those things. Maybe if you're jerking off to're not doing that right Mr. White?

Anyway, it's just like anything else. Some people like romance, some people like horror, some people like drama. I just think "dark" is another genre that for some reason people can be drawn to, whether it's a morbid curiosity to see the darker side of creativity and possible truth that resides in society every day or just trying to evoke the entire emotional spectrum.

That'll be $150 Mr White. You can pay my receptionist on the way out.

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